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Medicated Mattress

These mattress are usually made for patients suffering from back injuries or problems like spine injury,spinal cord etc

Travel Mattress

A great feeling mattress rolled up in a convenient store away bag.This is designed with memory foam and comfort

Spring Mattress

Spring mattress provides superior back support and out standing pressure relief by gently conforming to every body contour

Why choose us ?

Olivia mattress has no compromise on Quality standards and the comfort that the mattress provides you. At the Olivia mattress, each and every product will come out after a series of quality tests. The mattresses are of international quality, it also preserves the natural breathing ability. One another quality is that it is resistant against sagging and also wearing of the mattresses which are a common fault with the mattresses.

The 1st GCC Brand
Mattress Company in India

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Spring mattress

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Travel mattress

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Medicated mattress

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Washable mattress

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